Anti-Valentines Day in Manchester

For many people, the 14th February is a day to shower your other half with presents and make big romantic gestures. But for those who aren’t so into all things soppy, don’t buy into the commercialism, or just simply hate Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Manchester is such a vibrant city that there’s plenty of alternative things to do on Valentine’s – whether you’re coupled up or single. With so much going on – you might not even realise what day it is anyway.

The Anti-Valentine’s events queuing up in Manchester are great for those wanting to celebrate the day…properly. You may want to bash it out at a themed club night or party, or escape with a thriller at the cinema. Or perhaps you believe Cupid may be on the loose and want to try some speed dating? Take your pick of the city’s vibrant nightlife and rich cultural scene.

Anti-Valentine’s Day is growing in popularity, particularly in cities such as Manchester where love for the city flows strongest of all. In fact, we might just rename the 14th February now…

Anti-Valentine’s Day club nights in Manchester

There’s a surprisingly high number of club nights that celebrate Anti (or the antidote to) Valentine’s Day. So don’t wallow on your own infront of Bridget Jones – get out there and have some fun. Manchester’s nightlife is waiting for people like you to come and bring the house down. What are you waiting for?

Anti-Valentine’s Day at the cinema

If you prefer the minimalist approach to making a stand against Valentine’s Day, swap romcoms for just ”˜coms’ or go see a thriller. There’s no need to suffer in front of the big screen as some unrealistic love story pans out. Go full throttle and watch any other genre. Manchester’s cinemas always have a wide range of films to choose from too. Best of all, that Ben and Jerrys or bag of popcorn is yours and yours alone. Enjoy!

Anti-Valentine’s Day theatre in Manchester

Who says you can’t take yourself or a friend out on a date? Get dressed up and go fancy with a night at the theatre. Manchester is the perfect city for seeing any kind of theatre, from big West End musicals to quirky, independent plays. Its theatre programme always delivers, and why not treat yourself to a drink or two after? Make Anti-Valentine’s Day special and celebrate yourself!

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