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Cl #29: Japanese Sweets / Grils / Grow Fins

Cl #29: Japanese Sweets / Grils / Grow Fins

Sat 28 Mar 2020


Cl #29: Japanese Sweets / Grils / Grow Fins

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Japanese Sweets Japanese Sweets is the solo project of Owen Thomas. Analog oscillators and electronics are used to create undulating, disembodied compositions redolent of past experimentalists such as Suzanne Ciani and Cluster. https://soundcloud.com/japanese-sweets Grils Brighton duo Vix and Gabrielle serve up ear tapas. Modular synth, piano, sax, guitar, drums. Grow Fins Combining pre-acquired textures and samples and melding them with improvised guitar and vocal loops. Ambience and dread in equal measure. https://soundcloud.com/grow_fins £4ADV £6OTD

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