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The Real Music Club Presents .... Flutatious + Dubbal

The Real Music Club Presents .... Flutatious + Dubbal

Sat 29 Feb 2020


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The Real Music Club Presents .... Flutatious + Dubbal

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The Real Music Club seeks to find the best music we can that we believe will inspire and entertain. Focusing on originality and uniqueness we pride ourselves on putting something different on every month in Brighton & Hove. This month we present .... FLUTATIOUS: a feisty, Celtic inspired, psy-folk band blending soaring melodic flute, flying fiddle, spacey guitars and groovy beats! A trip to the Isle of Skye with its natural scenery and relaxed vibe inspired Michelle Devonshire (vocals, flutes), Bill Forwell (bass), Andy Faulkner (guitar) and Stella Ferguson (violin) to put a new band together (latterly joined by Malcolm Bailey on drums) and have since built up an incredible reputation with their live performances and their albums, constantly in demand at festivals around the country. It has been said that 'Flutatious will have you dancing like a paper bag in a wind tunnel...' and after a brilliant RMC debut in 2018 at the Brunswick we knew we would be inviting them back to let loose their cosmic Celtic groove ..... so bring along your dancing shoes and have a blast! DUBBAL: a positive vibration electronic reggae, dub and ambient band featuring Kev Ellis (vocals, synths ex Bubbledubble), Andy Radburn (synths, ex Bubbledubble), Nick May (guitar, ex Enid, Whimwise), Alan Shaw (bass) and Grant MacNaughton (synths). They mix tripped out trance and dub reggae with socially conscious lyrics and are also a fixture on the festival circuit.

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