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Machina Bristronica

Machina Bristronica

Sat 21 Mar 2020


Machina Bristronica

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An electronic music festival of Knobs, Buttons and Discussions. Gather round humanoids, androids and creatures that live in the wires! The great Machina is stirring and our engineers are gathering from all corners of the galaxy to join us in celebration of all things modular and bleeping.. Our news channels will be beaming out VITAL Machina updates across all sectors from now until the Machina comes. These pages will feed news, discussions and data updates directly to your device and/or personal embedded microchip. Any questions will be answered by our team of hack job android receptionists working at 110% CPU capacity. Knobs In Conjuntion with: Thonk, Focusrite, Novation, Audio-Technica,Roland & Allen&Heath Knobs from: Thonk Focusrite Novation Audio-Technica Europe Allen&Heath Roland Moog Music Inc. Arturia Korg UK Joranalogue Audio Design Erica Synths XAOC Devices teenage engineering Schlappi Engineering Instruo Bastl Instruments Bubblesound modular Ritual Electronics Vermona XOR Soulsby Synthesizers IO Instruments DPW Design Future Sound Systems Dreadbox Damaru Cases Lateral Sound UDO audio Transient Modules Befaco Patching panda Eurorack Barcelona LepLoop AJHSynth Errorinstruments Isotonik Studios Music Thing Modular Nicolas SoundForce Toussaint rakit.kits Sixty4pixels Bugbrand Synthshirts Stompsynth

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