Six reasons we love Khalid

love khalid


This year the young American singer Khalid made his official debut with ‘American Teen’, and we just can’t get enough of him. From his velvet tones and emotionally charged lyrics, Khalid is the full package, and here are the reasons we love him.

1. He was generating interest long before debuting

six reasons to love khalid

My first @vmas and I won! Thank you guys so much for everything! Love you guys ? WE DID IT!

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In 2016 when Khalid was just graduating High School and entering the big bad world, he was already smashing records and earning nominations left right and centre, coming second place on Billboard’s emerging artists of the year and sweeping ‘Artists you need to know’ lists across all the major publications! 2017 started off with him being named as Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week, and of course is when Khalid won the MTV VMA for Best New Artist! In 2018, he was nominated for a range of Grammy’s and this year, he’s set for new music and a range of tour dates.

2. His lyrics

Khalid has encapsulated those universal feelings of youth, from unrequited love to struggling with find yourself and everything in between. He bares his soul for the world to listen in a remarkable feat of vulnerability, but does so in such a way that everyone can relate. Many of his songs are talking about the ‘us’, ‘we’,’our’ – not just himself, and this way his music has become a snapshot of a generation.

3. He’s a vocal advocate for mental health awareness

He’s spoken openly and frankly about the necessity of mental health, and teamed up with rapper Logic and Alessia Cara for the track ‘1-800-273-8255’. The hard hitting song was named for the American suicide hotline, and explores the feelings behind wanting to take your own life, aiming to be an inspirational and uplifting track. The trio performed the track at the VMAs along with the help of suicide survivors to raise awareness mental health. In 2018, Khalid also opened discussion on social anxiety with fans, wanting to share his own struggles and also share the love.

4. His voice

Khalid has a voice that’s smooth like butter and rich like velvet, something about the sound of it is instantly relaxing. Combine that with the chilled out vibes of ‘American Teen’ and you’ve got the perfect audio experience. From the opening chords of ‘American Teen’ to the last sounds of birds tweeting in ‘Angels’, you won’t want to put it down.

5. Your faves love him too

Khalid has been making waves in the industry and turning heads, most notably those of artists like Logic and Lorde, the latter of which invited him on tour and featured him alongside SZA and Post Malone in a remix of  ‘Homemade Dynamite’. More recently he’s even worked with the hit DJ Marshmello on new single ‘Silence’.

6. He’ll be playing Parklife in Manchester this year!

Finally, and perhaps the best reason of all, Khalid has joined the lineup for Manchester’s Parklife Festival on 8th June! Alongside Cardi-B, George Ezra, Solange and The Streets, Khalid will be performing in Heaton Park – just outside the city centre.

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