Artist of the Week: Interview with The Vaccines

Another week has passed us by as we creep closer to Christmas and the New Year, but it also means something far more exciting… We get to announce our Artist of the week! 

This time we’re honouring the legends of indie music that are The Vaccines, a five piece band from West London that has been rolling out amazing music since 2010. 

We first heard them over eight years ago in the early days of YouTube, when they uploaded a demo of ‘If You Wanna’. The track instantly caught fire and spread, recieving praise and acclaim from industry heads all over, even being name as the ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by Zane Lowe.

Since that humble beginning, The Vaccines have gone on to sell over a million records worldwide, have a #1 album in the UK and have their debut record ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines’ certified as Platinum. There’s no surprise as to why though, they’ve always had that clean, indie feel that washes over your ears so smoothly.

Frontman Justin Young’s voice acts as the perfect conductor, guiding us through the music and exploring the narrative of songs like the gloomy ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ and the more upbeat, guitar driven ‘Norgaard’. 

In 2015, The Vaccines came out with their third studio album ‘English Graffiti’, arguably their best yet and one showing real maturity and growth within the band.

The album led with ‘Handsome’, an exciting and electrifying track that had an equally interesting video to boot – a sci-fi showdown in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets Karate Kid-esque world. The whole theme of the record maintains that 80’s vibe through and through as it explores topics of a high-octane social dystopia. 

But that psychedelic rock record was over two years ago now and fans of The Vaccines have been thirsty for more, so we’re patiently waiting for March 30th, 2018 when their fourth album ‘Combat Sports’ is due for release. 

Luckily, we had the opportunity to chat to frontman Justin Young about the new record and their plans for next year so read on to hear what he had to say…

2017 is drawing to a close already, what’s the best thing that’s happened to The Vaccines this year?

“Oh definitely finishing the new record. We’ve been working on it for over two years, and its taken us in lots of different directions, so it feels pretty damn good to be facing forwards with a finished album in our pockets.”

Conversely, what are you looking forward to the most in 2018?

“Obviously we can’t wait for people to hear the record, but I love touring and the feeling you get from playing shows. I can’t wait to go back out on tour. thats why I wanted to be in bands. Making records is amazing, but there is this shared experience and electricity that you miss when you’re not on stage playing for people. We still love seeing the world too.”

We’re all patiently waiting for ‘Combat Sports’ next year, can you tell us anything about the album?

“I think its an amazing Vaccines record. Its very visceral and urgent and primal. I think everything people fell in love with us for is there on the record in abundance. Plus, I think we’ve grown as songwriters and players, obviously. On ‘English Graffiti’ we experimented with the way we put together all the songs which meant it often felt weird playing a lot of those songs live. ‘Combat Sports’ feels like the opposite of that. Its very much a ready-to-wear rock record.”

How does it compare to your debut album ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines’? Has there been a big growth in these 6 years?

“I’d hope so! People keep asking me if its our best record. I think if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be much point in making it or putting it out. Of all our records, I think it probably has the most in common with WDYEFTV in terms of its spirit and energy. But we’re not 22 anymore. I think we’re infinitely better at everything we do, and hopefully thats reflected in the record.”

You’ll be heading back on tour next April, so what three things would you want your fans to bring to each gig?

“People should bring their friends. That’s pretty important. Bring your voices too. We can provide tea if you’ve lost them. We’ll also bring good vibes but would be good if other people could bring some too.”

Well now you have your checklist guys! You can get ready to see The Vaccines on tour shortly after ‘Combat Sports’ is released, kicking off at Concorde 2 in Brighton, before moving on to BristolBournemouthCambridgeBirminghamManchesterNottinghamGlasgowSheffield and London

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