Independent Venue Week 2019 Day 5: The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

The Hug and Pint
Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

This week between Monday 28 January and Sunday 3 February, the UK’s music scene will be taken over by Independent Venue Week.

IVW is the UK’s leading celebration of its independent music venues. These venues give upcoming artists some of their earliest experiences of playing in front of a crowd and music fans the chance to discover artists in an intimate and unique setting.

TickX has decided to celebrate these venues by awarding six venues across the UK our new Independent Venue Award. Each day this Independent Venue Week, we’ll chat with staff from each of the venues we’ve selected to explore the venue itself, highlight the work it does in its local music scene and look at the events it has in store this week.

Today’s winner is…

Today, our Independent Venue Award goes to The Hug and Pint in the west end of Glasgow. Named after the 2003 album Monday at the Hug and Pint by the Scottish indie rock band Arab Strap, this vegan kitchen, bar and 120-capacity music venue on Great Western Road has rapidly become one of the hotspots of the Glaswegian indie scene.

Renowned for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere, The Hug and Pint boasts one of Glasgow’s strongest indie schedules. With a live music programme featuring up-and-coming and well-established local acts as well as national and international touring acts, the Hug and Pint is one of Scotland’s must-visit venues for gig-goers.

What is the Hug and Pint like?

Any exploration of the Hug and Pint has to start with its critically acclaimed and award-winning kitchen. The venue prides itself on offering exciting modern vegan cuisine, making it essential for Glaswegian vegans and all-round good food-seekers.

Sporting an Asian-inspired menu that switches up daily, the Hug and Pint’s eatery places heavy emphasis on sharing dishes with friends, adding to the camaraderie that the venue seeks to create. The Hug and Pint’s focus on helping those around you even influences its selection of craft beers, spirits and wine, which are locally produced wherever possible.

Of course, it’s the Hug and Pint’s 120-capacity music venue that makes it stand out from the crowd. As with the kitchen upstairs, the Hug and Pint’s intimate performance space lends itself well to endearing experiences. For that reason, singer-songwriters heavily feature on the venue’s line-ups. With positivity and empathy firmly at the venue’s core, The Hug and Pint is the place to make new friends and find new favourite artists alike.

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