Can you complete this fiendishly difficult Imagine Dragons quiz?

Imagine Dragons Quiz


After releasing ‘Evolve’ in 2017, it seemed that Imagine Dragons had adopted a darker and mature image than their previous breakout hit ‘Radioactive’, which took them to the top of music history when it became one of the most downloaded song in rock music ever. Then came ‘Origins’, released in November 2018, which seemingly confused listeners with a mixed-bag reception. But for hardcore Imagine Dragons fans, their fourth album was another ‘classic’, and potentially hinting at another tour on the way soon. So it’s time to get your s#*t together and check your knowledge of the band…Are you as hardcore fan as you believe? Do you really know EVERYTHING about the band? Test it out with our Imagine Dragons fiendishly difficult quiz.

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How did you do on our ultimate Imagine Dragons quiz? Whatever your score, there’s still time to improve your superfan skills before they announce more shows. To receive alerts about any upcoming shows and tickets, make sure to follow Imagine Dragons via TickX.

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