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Louis Mattrs Exclusive Q&A

Singer, song-writer, producer, we talked to the Brighton artist head of his debut album 'On the Rocks'.

Louis Mattrs Exclusive Q&A

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We're one day away from the Brighton R&B machine Louis Mattrs releasing his debut record 'On the Rocks', and we had the chance to talk him about it, his celebrity fans, and what's coming in the future! Have a read below: 

‘On the Rocks’ is set to debut this Friday, and it was self-produced, right? What does it take to make an album like that?

"I produced the majority of the album alongside Brad Baloo. A lot of late nights were spent on my own driving myself mad, and then when working with Baloo a lot of crisps were eaten and a lot of beer was drunk. You've simply got to put the hours in, I found that making 10 bad song ideas will then hopefully lead you to making a really good one."

Would you say that your time touring with Chase & Status helped develop you as an artist?

"It gave me motivation more than anything. Being in the company of such amazing artists and singers made me want to better myself and be the best I could be."

You’ve actually managed to garner quite a lot of A-List fans as well! Kylie Jenner, G-Eazy, Meek Mill… Who came as perhaps the biggest surprise, and who is left that you still want to convert to the Louis Mattrs train?

"I would say Kylie Jenner was the most surprising as it was so random, it's amazing that the power of the internet can put your songs into the hands of such people. The ultimate goal is to get The Queen to skank out to one my songs, I heard that she loves a bit of seductive R&B so fingers crossed."

The colours and cinematography of the video for ‘Killer’ are so beautiful, do you play an active part in creating the visuals for your music?

"Initially I sent a rough idea of what I had in mind to the director Drew Cox. He then made it 100 times better and came through with shooting an amazing piece of visual art. I think it's massively important that both the artist and director are happy with the concept and share the same vision." 

Can we be looking forward to any live shows soon?

"Hopefully! I'm planning on doing more live shows and DJ sets in the near future. I can't wait to share this album with the world."

Thanks for catching up with us, Louis! 'On the Rocks' is set to debut tomorrow. 

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Written by
Kestra Walker
12th October 2017

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