We all love live music. It’s the best. There’s nothing quite like an incredible gig to lift your spirits and reconnect you with friends and the music you love together.

But…sometimes gigs can get just a little bit spoilt. Here’s our top tips for how not to be one of those gig spoilers.

Yell Free Bird

It wasn’t funny. Not even once.

Film The Whole Thing On Your Phone

There’s photographers, videographers and all sorts of people making great content for artists for you to watch back in the comfort of your own home. Stop forcing everyone behind you to watch through your phone screen.

Be Too Lovey Dovey

We get that this “your song” but get a room eh?

Mosh When No One Else Wants To

If the music moves you then let it move you. Don’t let it move you at high velocity into other people who aren’t up for the same movement though. That’s no good.

Instagram Is For After The Gig. Not During

It’s great to grab a snapshot or a selfie to remind you of your great evening but all that editing and posting can wait for the train home. Watch the show!

Don’t Be The Shirts Off Guy. Ever.

Enough said right? There’s not a mirror in sight. Unless you enjoy seeing yourself reflected in the disapproving gaze of your fellow gig goers.

Throwing Your Pint Is No Good

It shouldn’t really need explained as to why this is a rubbish thing to do. But it is. Also, do you know how expensive beer is at gigs these days?

Be The Tallest Person There

Listen, it might not be your fault…but you are in the way of the rest of us. And it’s terrible. Please stop.

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