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Bright Light Bright Light Exclusive Q&A

Take a look at our exclusive Q&A with the electropop king himself, Bright Light Bright Light!

Bright Light Bright Light Exclusive Q&A

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Bright Light x2 is on the verge of releasing his new EP 'I Only Want To Please You' with Ana Matronic, and we got the chance to chat to him about it, as well as movies, dancing and going on tour in the UK and Europe next year! Take a look at the full interview below:

1. From Elton John to the Scissor Sisters, you’ve had the chance to open for some amazing acts, and you’re off on a full European & UK tour with Erasure next year! If you could choose anyone dead or alive, who would your dream openers be?

Scissor Sisters. They inspired me to embrace my silly and ridiculous side, and let that colour my creativity, and I would LOVE to tour with them again. They’re the best people, and one of the best bands.

2. You pay homage to film and TV a lot with your music: obviously your name is taken from ‘Gremlins’, and then the music video for your latest song ‘I Only Want to Please You’ is inspired by ‘Murderock’ and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Could you recommend three must-see-before-you-die movies?

Party Girl – as a slice of 90s NYC both visually and musically.

Alien – to see a super strong female lead character take charge of one of sci-fi’s most influential films, with incredible visionary creations and a superb soundtrack.

The Lobster – a very dark, very funny, very disturbing and truly gorgeous looking modern film stripping apart the structures of society and social code with a BRILLIANT cast.

3. For the music videos of ‘Choreography’ there’s a lot of you dancing! Was this something you always wanted to do or was it quite the challenge to undertake?

It’s something I have always wanted to do. I pretty much wrote the album to enable that! The dance sequences in my favourite films have always brought me so much joy, I think about them all the time, so I wanted to write an album to soundtrack my own dance scenes. And making the videos was the best part – it was SO much fun!!

4. Is New York really better than Wales?

Well, the weather is a bit better usually … haha. Few things compare to the nature and landscape of Wales, but the architecture of New York and the wonderful mix of so many countries and cultures there has really won my heart.

5. What can we expect from the ‘I Only Want to Please You’ EP and tour next year?

FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN. Music is where I get to be colourful, ridiculous, energetic and where I get to travel and meet new people. The EP is a homage to 80s culture, so it’s a little trip back in time to one of my favourite eras, and the live shows will be a celebration of being yourself and enjoying life to the max.

Thanks so much for catching up with us Bright Lights x2! Can't wait for the rest of the EP to come out, in the meantime I believe we have some movies to watch...

Written by
Kestra Walker
13th September 2017

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