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Watch Metallica’s James Hetfield bruise his ego after falling on stage

Watch the frontman take a tumble on stage... Don't worry, he's okay!

Watch Metallica’s James Hetfield bruise his ego after falling on stage

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Metallica are the masters of metal, the kings of longevity and just one of the best bands to bless existence – but even they aren’t immune to on stage hiccups.

On Monday night in Amsterdam the four were doing what they do best, with frontman James Hetfield focusing so much on thrashing his guitar he didn’t see that the stage trapdoor in front of him was unfortunately, open.

The show must go on however, and after taking a quick moment to gather himself Hetfield climbed out of the hole with the help of some stage hands, and finished the song like a champ.

During the interlude between songs, fans were asking if he was okay, to which he replied “Yes, I’m okay. My ego? Not so much. We’re fine. It hurt my feelings a little bit, maybe. But I can tell you about it now that it’s done.”

Watch the clip down below:


The band have confirmed that Hetfield wasn’t injured in the fall, which is good news because they still have shows to play! They have three shows in France this week, and are due to hit the UK this October, kicking off on October 22nd at The O2 Arena! Find all dates & tickets below.

Written by
Alex Finch
6th September 2017
Updated: 13th November 2017

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