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Artist of the Week: Vince Staples

Our Artists of the Week this week has to be the Californian rapper Vince Staples, invading playlists with his second album 'Big Fish Theory'.

Artist of the Week: Vince Staples

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After releasing his sophomore album in June, the young rapper Vince Staples has been smashing expectations, achieving 8/10s or higher across the board from publications all around. This comes following his much sought-after feature on the latest Gorillaz album ‘Humanz’ in track no.1, “Ascension”.

His album ‘Big Fish Theory’ has been one of those that you just cannot put down, having been praised as the best hip-hop album of 2017 already. He weaves a lyrical web of philosophical rhymes and politically charged statements, with a sense of nihilism that everyone can relate to after this year.


It features guest vocals of acts like Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, Ty Dolla Sign and ASAP Rocky, and if you listen closely you’ll be able to hear the sounds of the ocean and seagulls crowing – a reminder of what made him and where he comes from, Compton and Long Beach, California.

Many of the songs on the record take an inward look into the rap industry, with his second single “Big Fish” musing on how rap music has changed his life. Staples himself calls this album his “afro-futurism”, boasting that he’s not just making music that’s current, but he’s making music that is futuristic.  

Staple’s music shows that he thinks outside of the small box that rappers can often trap themselves in. He is aware of the danger that can come with it after growing up among gangs and violence, and has decided to live a completely straight edge lifestyle – no drink and no drugs.

Despite being a young talent shot into fame, he hasn’t succumbed to the pitfalls it brings, giving advice to other such young stars in a recent interview on the YouTube series ‘Hot Ones’.  “I go do the show, and then I go home. Save your money, pay your taxes and don’t go to jail”. It's definitely worth watching the entire interview, Staples delivers some hilarious one-liners and stories whilst eating increasingly spicy wings. 

Vince Staples is a refreshing take on rap music, an upfront and genuine guy not trying to present himself as something he’s not, all the while managing to churn out some absolutely fire music. Take a listen to latest album ‘Big Fish Theory’ now, and grab tickets to see him at Reading Festival or at the London stop of his tour. Find all tickets below.



Written by
Kestra Walker
11th August 2017

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