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5 Reasons We Love Bill Bailey.

Britain's most talented comedian is heading to a city near you, here's why we love him so much!

5 Reasons We Love Bill Bailey.

1. Bill Bailey was a team captain when Never Mind The Buzzcocks was in it’s prime, winding up ‘’Punk as Enya’’ Donny Tourette, amongst other pretentious pop stars… Anyone remember Preston?

2. He is so far off the wall, BBC producers had to draft in Noel Fielding to replace him (Noel was around the corner, lurking by the bins).

3. Black Books. All the great comedy shows live short lives. This nihilistic classic captured the plight of the well-read, intellectually unappreciated just perfectly.

4. Bill is an accomplished musician, incorporating many musical numbers into his stand up shows, he has even lead a concert orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

5) He is part troll. Next time you see some hate filled bile being spewed on twitter, imagine the person writing it looks like this…

Find dates and tickets for Bill's UK stand-up tour below!

Written by
Giuseppi Garbow
17th May 2017

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