5 reasons we love Jhené Aiko

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American soul and R&B singer Jhené Aiko is arguably one of the best vocalists out there right now, her ethereal sound transporting those listening to another realm whilst making you reflect on your life at the same time. More than just her voice we love so many things about Jhené Aiko, so here’s a list of five of our favourites: 

Her songs are the ultimate chilled out vibe

Like her delicate yet powerful voice, Jhené Aiko‘s music carries that same relaxing and chilled out quality. It’s almost like a lullaby, soothing you more and more as you sit back and listen. Take one of her more recent singles from her second album ‘Trip’, that smooth R&B beat accompanied by her soulful vocals just lift all the stress away. 

She’s been through hardships but still came out on top




you are my greatest achievement… im so lucky i was chosen to be your Mommy??? Happy 9th Birthday Namiko ??

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At just 20 years old Jhené fell pregnant with her daughter Namiko, and although a blessing it can make things a lot more difficult at such a young age. Only a few years later she lost her brother Miyagi to cancer, and was involved in a car crash with her sister, daughter and daughter’s father. Despite the struggles she’s faced, Jhené has remained strong and carried on channeling these hardships into her music. 

Her bold tattoo of Big Sean





Art is ❤️thanks Jheńe for allowing me to share this moment.


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In 2016 the pair revealed that they were officially an item, and ever since we have been absolutely delighted by their relationship’s progress. From just cute instagram posts, to the abum they recorded together as Twenty88, to the portrait she got of him tattooed on her arm…Today, rumours are rife as to whether to pair have split up, following her covering up of the tattoo. But whatever happens, her bold, unapologetic and fierce character are one the reasons we love her.

Jhené Aiko’s collaborated with just about everyone 

Drake? Check. Big Sean? Of course. J. Cole? Yep. Childish GambinoScHoolBoy QKendrick Lamar? Check, check and check. It’s no surprise after all, her sensually sweet voice provides that perfect contrast to the harsher sounds of rap. Her ability to make any and every other artist sound good is just one of the many things we love about Jhené Aiko.

She writes poetry too!

jhene aiko poetry book 2 fish

Not just a one-trick pony, Aiko is all about the talent! Apart from her musicality, she has released a poetry book too. ‘2Fish’ is a telling and powerful collection of intimate poems, that expose the artists ability to communicate raw emotions!

There’s so many reasons to be crazy about Jhené Aiko, and luckily she has a fantastic show lined up this June in London – follow Jhené Aiko to find tickets now.

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