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Hagglers Corner, Sheffield's little Corner of Paradise.

The truly special and diverse, Hagglers Corner is awarded our 5 Star Small Music Venue Award.

Hagglers Corner, Sheffield's little Corner of Paradise.

Get out the elbow grease and put on your thinking cap; the necessary paraphernalia needed to change Hagglers Corner from a derelict site into a venue with some of the most down right dirty discos to have ever graced the Sheffield scene. Hagglers has it all; a cosy café, a tattoo parlour, a bodywork practitioner and a few yoga rooms, all cuddled around a quaint courtyard off the main road. Walking through the archway and into this creative hub really gives you a sense of escapism; an opportunity to break away from work and enter Sheffield’s little corner of paradise. This sense of freedom carries on into the night with the newly established bar and a function room with a brilliantly diverse range of events. The intimate 200 person capacity, an eclectic showcase of musicians, and heaps of community spirit, is what gives this small music venue a perfect 5 stars from TickX.

Past events include Mango Mix’s tropical discos; Dead Slow Hoot’s alt-rock EP launch; acoustic folk and blues nights; and music from across the planet. Whatever it is you are looking for, you are bound to find something that tickles your pickle here.

This is a snug venue whose capacity ranges from 120-200 depending on the type of event. The intimate venue and combination of brilliant events brings us to Hagglers’ only downfall – the tickets fly out quicker than you can say banana split!

There are but a few things that move quicker than the pile of tickets in the Hagglers office. They are: guitarist John Fairhurst’s fingers; the hips of a groover at a Mango Disco night; the rhythm of Solana; and Henge’s spaceship. Fortunately for us, all of these guys are set to make an appearance at Hagglers Corner in the near future.

First up, John Fairhurst. He is arguably one of the most talented British guitarists to have emerged this decade. This guy can play rifts that will mentally tear you apart and leave you in awe of what you have just witnessed. I dare anyone to name a venue in Sheffield that provides such good live blues and folk.

Arriving next is the EP launch of the Afro-funk 7peice band, Forefathers, who are presented by Mango Disco. Fusing together afro-beat, salsa and jazz these guys are sure to get those feet tapping and bodies bouncing. The support provided by Biscuit Kiss, Captain Avery and the Cosmic Triceratops of Intergalactic Peace, and the Mango DJ’s ensures that this event will be more colourful than Henri Matisse’s mind and more exciting than a kid on Christmas day.

In April comes a band that, for me, defines Hagglers Corner as a multi-cultural, creative space – welcome Solana. Solana manage to bring together elements of Latin, African, Flamenco and Jazz taking you out of post-Brexit Britain and across the globe from the cushty sofas of Hagglers Corner.

The most recent event to be confirmed was one of the most notable nights in Hagglers memory. Henge have come from a galaxy far beyond the realms of the Milky Way to teach you about the spiritual music ‘cosmic dross’. This night is full of thrills with all inhibitions being chucked straight onto the dance floor to be crushed under the moving feet of 200 Henge lovers.

All of these events, alongside many other stand-apart acts, converged with this hippy feel venue, are what sets Hagglers Corner apart from any other small venue in Sheffield. This is why TickX has awarded Hagglers a top notch five-star review.

You can check out the rest of Hagglers’ events here!

Written by
Tom Watts
6th February 2017
Updated: 13th November 2017