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Omid DJalili: The legend is back with his ‘Schmuck for a Night' Tour.'

Award winning comedian Omid Djalili is known for his legendary, energetic and dazzling stand-up performances.

Omid DJalili: The legend is back with his ‘Schmuck for a Night' Tour.'

On a huge 110- date journey across the UK, Djalili brings us his ‘Schmuck for a Night’ tour, for which he promises to embrace his inner ‘schmuck’ in discussing the issues of our day.

Djalili was born in Chelsea and began his successful comedy career at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in 1995. Since he has made countless acting appearances, starring in Gladiator, The Mummy and Notting Hill. Djalili claims that working with Keith Richards on set of Pirates of the Caribbean was the most fun, as Richards kept apologising each of the 14 times he had to shoot him! He has won numerous awards for his enthusiastic comedy, and also for one of his documentaries, Bloody Foreigners. A national treasure some might say?

Djalili describes spending most of his time yoyo dieting and ‘playing football in West London still hoping to get spotted by Brentford Football Club’. A loyal Chelsea fan, his tour will focus on the expected issues of Trump, ISIS, Brexit but is essentially adaptable to current affairs, so who knows what he’ll be commenting on come next May. The star’s wit and intelligence will no doubt prevail, but don’t worry, he will not just be reeling off another bloody political rant.

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