18 famous musicians you didn’t know are vegan

Famous vegans


Working on those New Year resolutions? Kickstart that wholesome diet and ethical lifestyle without any animal products by taking some inspirational from some of the most  famous vegans in the world…


Morrissey's Peta Campaign poster

Morrissey has been vegetarian for decades, finally making the push to vegan in 2015, and it’s evident that this is something very important to him as it’s manifested in his music often. “The Bullfighter dies and nobody cries, nobody cries, because we all want the bull to survive” taken from his song, ‘The Bullfighter Dies’.

Bring Me the Horizon‘s Oli Syke

Oli Sykes vegan

Frontman of the British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon is another vocally-famous vegan, having starred in PETA ads and even teamed up with Twisted Burger Company to make a new vegan burger.

Bryan Adams

Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter has been a vegan since he was 28 (that’s just over half his life now), and has become almost as famous for his animal rights activism as for his music!

Ariana Grande

I’ve eaten organically since I was little and always kept meat minimal but today marks my first day as a 100% Vegan!!!! Joyous day ??????☀️

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 5, 2013

Resident pop princess Ariana Grande is close to celebrating her fifth anniversary as a vegan!

Waka Flocka Flame

American rapper Waka Flocka Flame has a simple reason for his new diet: “I just didn’t want to be fat”.

Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

Spandex legend Justin Hawkins is what you might call a ‘Mostly Vegan’, sticking to a vegan diet for 5 days a week and vegetarian for 2.

A$AP Rocky

“You gotta go do research on the way they treat chickens, man. Those chickens go through torture before they’re processed and s***, have all sorts of steroids injected in them and everything.” – A$AP Rocky.

Ellie Goulding

Although famous Goulding now calls herself a vegetarian once again, for 2015 she spent the year on an entirely plant-based vegan diet thanks to the assistance of her personal chef and nutritionist Mary Mattern.



British hip-hop artist Akala has been a vegan for 11 years now, quoting health benefits and the treatment of animals as his reasons.

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars

Frontman of American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars and part-time Joker Jared Leto is last but not least on our list of famous musical vegans, having stuck to plant-based diet for over 20 years now. His reasons for doing so are to keep going in his active touring lifestyle, so he’ll be keeping up with the vegan pancakes.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay have been on and off the vegan diet since they did the 22Days Challenge at the advice of the latter’s friend Marco Borges, an exercise physiologist, in 2013. Beyonce was back on the diet just last year as she was preparing for her groundbreaking Coachella performance, and now it seems the couple may have made a more long term commitment after urging fans to join them in their joint introduction to new book The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World by Borges.

Having children has changed our lives more than anything else. We used to think of health as a diet – some worked for us, some didn’t. Once we looked at health as the truth, instead of a diet, it became a mission for us to share that truth and lifestyle with as many people as possible.

Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al has made it clear that he doesn’t view himself as a vegan, but that he tries to be a vegan as often as possible whilst maintaining his vegetarian diet.

The whole of Blink 182

Blink 182

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba have been voted most animal friendly band by PETA2, with Barker having become a vegan almost ten years ago. After his dedication to vegan organisations, animal rights programs and vegan parents inspired his band mates, they joined him in adopting a more vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder has been vegan for four years

That’s right, the legendary jazz singer Stevie Wonder became a vegan sometime around 2014-15, singing about his experience on The Late Late Show with James Corden in late 2015. During an interview with AOL in 2015, Wonder said “I’ve been a vegan for two years, so that’s helped my already good-looking self.” He continued: “I think that eating healthy is important. I’m motivating people to do something about how we’re living on this planet.” 

Fall Out Boy‘s Andy Hurley

Andy Hurley has been vegan since 16

Fall Out Boy’s drummer Andy Hurley has been a vegan since he was 16 years old as well as entirely straight edge (no alcohol, tobacco or drugs). He also identifies as a anarcho-primitivist, meaning that he believe humans should live the way they did over 10’000 years ago. When asked why he remains in a band, he states that he has to make a living some how.

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