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6 things you didn’t know about Joshua Brooks

Reckon you know everything about this popular Manchester-based bar and club? Think again...

6 things you didn’t know about Joshua Brooks

Everyone living within proximity to Manchester knows about Joshua Brooks. In a prime location on Princess Street, we’ve all passed it or visited it plenty of times. Its renowned club nights and events have been a part of the city’s thriving nightlife since the early 90’s, witnessing the best DJs headline parties in the underground 400-capacity club space. But there’s more to Joshua Brooks than meets the eye. From its glorious menu and epic burgers to its thrilling history and notable awards, the bar and club is one of Manchester’s top small venues for a reason. Keep reading as we reveal 6 things you didn’t know about Joshua Brooks.

1. It’s named after a Manchester Man

As a cornerstone of Manchester’s clubbing scene, it seems only right that Joshua Brooks takes its name from one of the characters of Isabella Banks’ iconic Victorian novel - ‘The Manchester Man’. The real-life Joshua Brookes was born in Cheadle Hulme in the mid 18th century, and spent his life as a Chaplain at Manchester Cathedral. Banks’ novel weaves its way around the city, as protagonist Jabez Clegg (given to another haunt in the city) lives through some of the historic events that shaped Manchester, meeting clergyman Brookes along the way. Not many know about the bar and nightclub’s name, but in unmasking who Joshua Brookes is, we certainly recognise the venue’s affiliation to the city.

2. The food has a reputation of its own

Burger at Joshua Brooks

With Manchester’s abundance of restaurants to dine at, you wouldn’t normally choose somewhere you associate with dancing and drinking to have your meal. But Joshua Brooks is different. Yes it’s a great place to party but it also serves up some seriously good hip-hop infused, American street food that can rival any of the city’s other eateries. You can choose from the pepper, pickles and mustard that is the ‘Eminem’ burger, the salt beef and rocket that is ‘Jay Z’ or the bacon cheeseburger with pulled pork fries that is the ‘Notorious P.I.G.’. There’s also plenty of veggie options too - including the mega ‘Jazzy Jeff Grilled Cheese’ and ‘Ha-Ludacris Wrap’. Street food inspired by the greats, Joshua Brooks’ delicious menu is certainly worth indulging in.

3. You can watch all kinds of sports

Another cheeky surprise for those of you who thought Joshua Brooks was just a club; the multipurpose venue also streams a whole range of sporting action alongside the ‘world-famous’ Premier League quiz for all football fans. With both BT Sports and Sky Sports, you’re in no better place to catch every single goal. But if football’s not your thing, Joshua Brooks openly welcomes suggestions so you can watch whatever sport you’re in to. Unlike crammed pubs where you can barely see in front of you, Joshua Brooks delivers all the games and matches but with plenty of seating available to enjoy cocktails and cheeseburgers with friends.

4. They’ll make whatever cocktail you want

Speaking of those cocktails, Joshua Brooks generously offer to make whatever cocktail your heart desires. Though there is a list to pick from, if your favourite isn’t there - you can simply ask the bartenders and they’ll whip up the concoction for you. So whether you fancy a fruity summer drink to enjoy on their cute, outdoor terrace or an elegant espresso martini to start the night in style, Joshua Brooks is the bar for those who know what they like. And for those who aren’t into cocktails, there’s only 14 draught beers and 19 bottled beers to choose from.

5. It’s an award-winning venue

Interior of club at Joshua Brooks

Just in case you weren’t already sold on how good Joshua Brooks really is and needed some evidence, the venue has won multiple awards that illustrate its prime position as one of Manchester’s finest places to hang out. It has twice won the MEN ‘Best Small Venue’, while DJ Mag has nominated it for three different years as one of the city’s ‘Best Small Club’. As it continues to host innovative events, maintain its position as the student stomping ground, and delivers some of the best DJs and names of electronica, we can only expect there will be more accolades to add in the venue’s future.

6. The Chemical Brothers played their first residency here

Further cementing its role in the cultural development of Manchester since opening in 1993, Joshua Brooks was the home of Manc’ DJ duo, Chemical Brothers’ first residency. Known as the ‘Dust Brothers’ back then, the pair were pioneers of the electronic genre ‘big beat’, quickly establishing Joshua Brooks as the place to be of the nineties. They have since gone on to become international stars, while Joshua Brooks has also evolved with the times - now catering to a wide range of musical tastes but still remaining true to its legacy rooted in electronic music. So now you know, as you descend into the brickwalled basement - you’re walking along the footsteps of music greats.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to relax and eat with friends, somewhere comfortable to watch the next match or game, or somewhere to rave until 4am...yes 4am...Joshua Brooks ticks all the boxes. Follow Joshua Brooks to receive alerts of upcoming club nights, or visit their page to grab tickets now.

Written by
Aminah Barnes
11th March 2019