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Dick Van Dyke reveals he had to pay Walt Disney to land a role in the original 'Mary Poppins'

Dick Van Dyke reveals that landing a role in 'Mary Poppins' wasn't as easy as it seemed.

Dick Van Dyke reveals he had to pay Walt Disney to land a role in the original 'Mary Poppins'

Is not long until Mary Poppins is set to return to our screens with Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda leading the way, with stars like Dick Van Dyke reprising previous roles from the original, but after a sit-down from the latter pair some insight was given on how the original came to be. 

Van Dyke became legendary for his "cockney" accent in his role of Bert the Chimney Sweep, but the actor had a second role in the original Mary Poppins as the uptight banker Mr. Dawes Sr. Mr. Dawes Sr. was George Banks' boss, a greedy and overly serious man and the main antagonist of the Banks children, but securing this unique role wasn't very easy for Van Dyke at all. 

Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Dawes Sr.

Credited to Navckid Keyd - an anagram of his name - Van Dyke explained that he had to pay Walt Disney for the privilege of portraying Mr. Dawes Sr. "I had to go to Walk and ask him for the part," Van Dyke explained to Miranda in an ABC 20/20 special. "He wouldn't give it to me. I said, 'I'll do it for nothing'.

"Actually, I had to give him $4000 - I paid him to do the part."

Now, Van Dyke returns to reprise his role as Dawes - almost. This time around he'll be portraying Dawes Jr., his original characters son who has matured into his fathers position at the bank, although we don't think Van Dyke had to pay for this role too...

Mary Poppins Returns will float onto screens this December 21st at cinemas around the country. Follow the film below to get reminded when it's becomes available!

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Written by
Kestra Walker
26th November 2018