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Is this the Spice Girl reunion news we've all been hoping for?

Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, confirms the group will unveil an important announcement on social media at 3pm.

Is this the Spice Girl reunion news we've all been hoping for?

There have been rumours surrounding the Girl Power advocates for some time. In the summer, Mel B (Scary) teased us on The Ellen Degeneres Show by confirming a Spice Girl reunion was going to happen at some point, but fans have eagerly been awaiting affirmation of a tour. Speaking on air this morning during her regular Heart FM breakfast show, Emma Bunton declared that there would be some ‘brilliant’ news where we will ‘find out everything’ today at 3pm. Every 30-something-year-old’s inner child is likely to be counting down the hours until the ‘Wannabe’ girl group finally validate the rumours.

It’s over 20 years since the Spice Girls entered our lives. With an undeniable presence and kickass attitude, the five females took over the charts from 1996 to become one of the biggest girl groups of all time. From merchandise alone, their alias personas; Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Posh, were impossible to miss and featured on everything from chocolate bars, video games, magazines, toys, Chupa Chups lollipops, to cinema screens with the release of ‘Spice World’ movie in 1997. After their debut single ‘Wannabe’ hit number one in the UK charts, the Spice Girls secured a total of 9 UK number ones, spending a total of 22 weeks at the top spot.

Turn back time with their first single and first number one that shook the world, 'Wannabe', below:

However their sudden success was met with a sudden shock, when Geri Halliwell announced in 1998 that she had left the band. The news had followed speculation of tension in the group, and despite releasing another album; Forever (2000), things were never quite the same. With the band on hiatus, each Spice embarked on solo endeavours and another seven years would go by before their next album, a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation, would emerge.

But today could be the day that fans receive the news they’ve all been waiting for. Earlier in the year, a stadium tour was confirmed for 2019, but nobody could quite believe it would happen as no further details were given...until this morning. Emma Bunton claimed “After 3 o'clock today you will find out everything. I'm just so excited. I want it out there. It will be brilliant." The consensus is that the news will come as a video message to fans.

It is expected that Victoria Beckham (Posh) will not be joining them on tour. Despite the five-piece performing at the 2012 London Olympics ceremony, and a photo taken at Geri Horner’s (Ginger) home of the group together that caused a frenzy online, the fashion designer is unlikely to be a part of their ongoing musical journey. Her reasons are still unknown, but many believe it is because she intends to focus on her business.

So as five-become-four once again, the social media world is heating up in preparation for the big news. Tickets are rumoured to go on sale shortly after the announcement - possibly this weekend - and are likely to sell out rather quickly. Follow the Spice Girls to receive news and alerts once tickets are available.

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Written by
Aminah Barnes
5th November 2018

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