10 Budget Date Nights That Won’t Break the Bank

Couple holding hand


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the mad clamour to get gifts, plans days and think of thoughtful messages has begun. But… after Christmas and New Year, I’m sure most of us are trying to keep an eye on our wallet and save a few pennies (before we completely give up on every resolution).

Planning a great date night doesn’t have to weigh heavily on your wallet – there are plenty of enjoyable and romantic things you and your date can do on the cheap, and we’ve put some of those ideas into a list to try take the edge off before V-Day!

Watch a film at the cinema

Couple at the cinema

Heading to the cinema doesn’t have to be an expensive trip! With two tickets for just £5 each, you can bag a blockbuster booking each – just make sure to stop at the pound shop along the way to pick up snacks for you both.

Not sure what to watch? Head over to the cinema section to compare all the cinemas and films showing near you!

Go for a Hike

Couple on a hike

Okay this one might be a little weather and ability dependent – and it really might not be wise to do it as a First Date – but there’s something about a wonderful outdoor experience that really can bring two people together. Look up some local walking trails near you both (and make sure you have comfortable shoes!) before heading into the wild and you may even get to watch a beautiful sunset together.

Discover something new together


Go somewhere you’ve never been before with each other: find an interesting musician performing in a local bar, take in a contemporary art piece at a nearby gallery or discover a nostalgia club night and regale your date with tales of your teen emo phase. Simply search your location, filter by how much you can spend and uncover something incredible.

Head to a Coffee Shop

Couple on a coffee date

Now this is a safe one for a first date – the liquid courage of a caffeine buzz, small plates, and the absolute lack of pressure. Not vibing well with the person? Take your coffee to go, thank them for the time and head on home. 

Take in a Comedy Show

Couple at a comedy show

What better way to form a bond than by witnessing each other getting roasted on the front row of a local comedy show? Laugh until your stomach hurts together and point each other out whenever the comic is looking for ammo from the crowd.


This will be a great chance to bowl them over (get it?), and a great way to fit in some playful competition. Order up some nachos and hot-dogs, cram your toes into the most well worn shoes known to man and sling some bowling balls down the lane – there’s no shame in having the sides up. 

Find Theatre under £25

crowd at the theatre

Being a theatre buff can rack up the costs, but sometimes you can find ways around it. Last minute seats can end up being really cheap as the shows want to fill all the seats, and even the nosebleed seats aren’t always that bad. Check locations like London, Manchester, Birmingham or any other major UK city on TickX to find listings for all theatre under £25!

Stay in and cook together

Couple cooking together

It’s very pure, isn’t it? Head to a discounted grocery story and pick up some cheap ingredients, get something up on the TV for some background and get your hands dirty! If you’ve got time, whip up a DIY facemask with sugar, lemon juice and olive oil for a truly pampered night in together.

Find a free exhibition

Couple at a museum

Become tourists for the day and explore your local area with fresh eyes – you may be surprised at the number of museums and exhibitions you stumble across! Often, you can find free entry on certain exhibitions, but it is always preferred to be good citizen and leave donation, however small!

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